Cote de Boeuf

Cote de Boeuf



Cote de boeuf is the fore rib of beef with the main backbone removed and the ribs trimmed. This particular piece of meat is one to choose when feeling indulgent. Described as a succulent taste by our customers.

Cook the perfect steak, the way you like it.

Any steak can be cooked on the grill, BBQ frying or griddle pan. Ensure the cooking surface is searingly hot, smoking, the hotter the better as this will form a perfectly seared exterior.

Top Tips

Remove the cote de boeuf from the fridge at least 15mins before cooking to allow the meat to come to room temperature. This will enhance the tenderness after cooking. Always preheat the grill or pan before starting to cook the steak.

Pat dry with kitchen paper before rubbing with oil on both sides then season with sea salt and black pepper. Try using groundnut oil as it can with stand higher temperatures without burning.

When cooking do not over handle the steak, try to limit turning to only once – halfway through.

Remove from the pan, place on a warm plate or board, cover with foil and a tea towel to allow the steak to rest for 5mins or so. Use up the resting juices on your sauce.

How do you like yours?

  • Blue – 1 mins each side, seared outside, 100% red centre, internal temp 10 – 29c
  • Rare – 2 ½ mins each side, seared outside 75% red centre,internal temp 30 – 51c
  • Med/rare – 3 to 4 mins each side, seared outside, 50% red centre, internal temp 57 – 63c
  • Medium – 4 mins each side,seared outside, 25% pink centre, internal temp 63 – 68c
  • Well done – 6 mins each side. Brown throughout, internal temp 77c+

This is making the assumption that the steaks are medium cut.

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